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Amsterdam Light Festival & Light Art Collection

Experts in exhibiting world’s largest light art collection.

The China Connector is working closely together with the Light Art Collection that is a subsidiary of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which develops light festivals since 2012.

Over these years, they have built the largest collection of light art in the world by commissioning artists to create works for its festival: Light Art Collection.

During the entire year, the team of Light Art Collection (LAC) actively seeks for exhibition possibilities in order to give the artworks a new, international stage. By doing this, they serve three purposes: the artist gains international recognition and receives an honorarium; the hosting city utilizes the expertise of creating light art exhibitions and the Amsterdam Light Festival recoups part of the production costs.

In 2019 The China Connector has introduced a new client to the Light Art Collection; Xintiandi, Shanghai. Xintiandi is a former old city area of Shanghai’s French Quarter. It was firstly established in Shanghai in early 21st century to challenge the city’s standard consumer experience. Integrating early 20th century Shikumen architecture with contemporary urban lifestyle, fashion elements, modern features and facilities, this revitalization project won a big success and has garnered a great deal of international attentions and admiration, as testified by the string of architectural and urban planning awards won, helping solidify Shanghai’s status as a richly diverse, multi-dimensional city.

Now Xintiandi drives an active program of art events, activities, exhibitions, cultural initiatives and more to propel commercial energy and stimulate public interest. By curating, managing and delivering innovative experiences with world class standards and best practices, Xintiandi is where unique cultural content and social experiences are enriching.

The China Connector was the binding force between Xintiandi and LAC looking for opportunities to integrate light art within the shopping district.

On 4 locations in Xintiandi the LAC was exhibiting 7 art works from the collection during Shanghai Lumière.

Furthermore, The China Connector also accompanied LAC in a visit to China to listen to local stories. LAC likes to tell new stories with the artworks from the collection to make, in accordance with the environment, locations more attractive for a wide audience. Because of our strong relationships and knowhow in China, The China Connector is able to support such projects and making them a success.