In 2017, we started our company in Amsterdam. We, Monique Knapen and Jessy van de Klundert are the founders of the China Connector, a solution driven consultancy firm. Our mission is to work on intercultural projects with a strong focus on China. In a changing world it is increasingly important to have cultural exchange. We want to contribute in an economically but also respectful way in relation to cultural differences.

monique knapen

creating together cultural exchange

Monique Knapen (co-founder) studied Social History in Rotterdam, including a minor in Sinology at Leiden University and a year at the University of Beijing. She lived and worked in China for 6 years. Monique is an expert in international cultural relations, especially in the arts and culture sector between the Netherlands and China. From 2011 until 2017 she worked as Program Director China at DutchCulture, a position that gave her the unique position to lobby for art and culture with the Far East.

jessy van de klundert

working on cultural entrepreneurship in a changing world

Jessy van de Klundert (co-founder) studied Business Administration & Logistics and Art History in Amsterdam. Having worked at various positions in the Dutch museum world (Rijksmuseum & Van Gogh Museum), she set up the international advisory activity ‘Van Gogh Museum Professional Services’. In addition to her affinity with the business side of the art and culture world, she has also been involved in a number of startups outside the museum world.

Yang Wang

Implementing a creative approach to rejuvenate the value of cultural heritage with future generations across the globe

Yang Wang (project based business development manager) is a cultural project specialist with a keen focus on topics about the development of cultural heritage merging with creative industries. She studied Arts, Policy & Cultural Leadership at the University of Groningen and Asian Studies at Leiden University, Marketing in France and Art & Design in China. Yang is passionate about further developing a holistic approach to cultural projects with aesthetic, economic, educational and public value. She has worked on several cross-cultural projects to help global clients facilitate international cooperation with China, especially in the arts, creative and cultural sectors. She has lived in Amsterdam, Shanghai and Paris. Each culture broadens its perspective of thoughts and insights.

Jing Zhang

Implementing a proactive approach to stimulate cross-cultural collaboration

Jeanne [Jing] Zhang (project based communications manager) moved to the Netherlands in 2013 from China to experience a different cultural perspective. She studied Art, Culture and Society at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Having studied and lived in China and the Netherlands, she is now a cross-cultural specialist with a focus on the cultural industry. Before moving to the Netherlands, she worked as a project manager for various organizations, including The Coca-Cola Company, China Central Television, Poly Theater and the French Embassy in Wuhan, China

Linnan Zhao


Linnan Zhao (intern) is currently studying Arts, Media and Society at Leiden University. Before studying in Netherlands, she studied German Literature at Beijing Foreign studies University and exchanged to Humboldt University of Berlin. She is a Chinese-English-German trilingual. Due to her study in different cultural contexts, she has garnered a critical standpoint when discussing complex issues in the globalized, postmodern world and together with her skills in visual analysis, have seen how art plays a distinct role in this. She also worked as an intern in different cultural institutions. The work experience and study programs have trained her developing communication skills with artists coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and thus facilitate the interactions between artist and host institution.




Project manager | Intern

Have you always had a special interest in China and do you find it a challenge to work on intercultural projects? We always like to get in contact with new talent as we want to work with motivated and experienced professionals who have a special relationship with China. Do you want to know if you can strengthen our team or do you want to be included in our database? Please contact us by sending your motivation and CV.


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