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Creative NL

To promote the export of Dutch creative industries Creative Holland was established, a platform where entrepreneurs find inspiration and information. The China Connector is directorate of Creative Holland China.

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Public Relations

The China Connector delivers a suite of comprehensive PR-services for arts and cultural organisations and institutions who would like to get the most out of their business. We work with established and highly respected partners to guarantee consistent delivery.

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Business Development

Thanks to our years of experience in China we can provide you with the tools to succeed in your China Business Development. Our directorate position at Creative Holland China gives us insight to create tailor made solutions for new businesses in China.

With the knowledge and insight into China’s business culture and social etiquette The China Connector can help you to achieve the ultimate approach and solutions for you.

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Market Insights

Understanding a large and complex market such as China can be challenging. In order to identify market opportunities, it is essential to research the market effectively.

The China Connector provides tailor made programs to your specific needs. The China Connector covers politics, business and society in China to bring you fresh insights into a new culture, economical and legal system.

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Visibility in China

Where do you start? How do you start? How do you build a position? These are questions that the creative industry in Europe, looking at the large China, is always struggling. These are also precisely the questions for which the China Connector, TIN and NextportChina have joined forces. They can get a creative company started with Public Relations in China, Brand Development and Digital Visibility in China.

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